Global Digital Marketing Trends (May 2021)


What can we learn from external marketing trends this month? Here are the top 5 digital marketing trends that have made us sit up and take notice this month… 1. Artificial Intelligence The dominance of artificial intelligence (AI) is sure to be at the heart of global business and industry and it is already being used by big business marketers. AI can analyse consumer behaviour and search patterns and use data from social media platforms…

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B2B + B2C = P2P


All too often marketing focusses on businesses and/or consumers. In the rush to market products and services it is easy to forget that behind both B2B and B2C are real people. As a sector the marketing industry tends to focus on marketing differences. How about we flip this and start to look for similarities instead. Similarities in favour of differences Both B2B and B2C marketing approaches require excellent customer service and enhanced customer experiences at…

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What can we learn from The European Super League debacle?

Marketing Principles Mono football

The collapse of a breakaway European league via a flawed announcement threw serious shade on some of Europe‚Äôs biggest football clubs, so what did they get so wrong? The main issue was that the new league was solving a problem for the clubs (companies) and not the fans (consumers). The situation was a textbook example of failing to understand market needs. Looking at this from a marketing perspective, it is clear to see that the…

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