Putting the ‘P’ in Partnership

Be honest. Is your current marketing consultant or agency offering you a “partnership approach”?

A consultant or agency should be your partner. And as a partnership you will work together.

Your partnership should look and feel right. Always. You’re in ‘it’ – whatever ‘it’ is together, so you should never feel like things are one-sided.

By problem-solving together, facing challenges, understanding issues and exploring alternatives, your partnership should deliver transparent, honest communications and positive marketing outcomes.

Clients often face difficult issues and it is important that you figure things out together. Everything from how to build capacity in a team, to restructuring a department or developing long-term marketing campaigns and strategies. Tasks, no matter how big or small, involve buy-in and genuine understanding. Having shared values and goals will stand you in good stead but its your partnership approach that will deliver results.

Changing the way things are currently done, or have ‘always been done’ brings challenges and requires involvement from people at all levels. A partnership worth its weight in gold will support communication, change management, innovation and more!

Advocating for a seat at the table, with the right people and participating in the right conversations will shift mindsets from “what will we say” to “what will we do”?

The goal is to be seen as a proactive advisor, rather than an order-taker. As a true partner and trusted advisor you will earn the power to advocate for budget, resource, or time.

I help clients when they get stuck, because that’s what a good partner does. Without judgement, I can step-in and see the full picture. I can ask the right questions, involve the right people and provide an external view point to an internal problem. Then I can work with you to solve it.

Advocacy can take many shapes – from changing a teams way of working, to reviewing supplier spend or dealing with conflict. The partnerships I build earn trust and deliver value.

It is never the clients problem. It is our problem. And, together we will solve it.

Sometimes, as a partnership we need to take ourselves out of our comfort zones and come at an issue with a focus on solutions. P for positive as well as partnership.

So, if you’re looking for a strategic marketing and communications consultant to partner with you to consult, problem solve and manage change please get in touch.


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