Outsourced Marketing Services

Elite offers flexible marketing and communications services, designed to support small, medium and long-term projects, via a range of project and day rates, alongside consultation & retainer options.

So, whether your need is ad-hoc or on-going, you can select the right option for you, your budget & your business.

Besides working directly with corporate clients, Elite also sub-contracts to agencies on a white label basis, and offers specialist marketing and communications services to education (FE & HE) clients - including schools, colleges and universities.

360 Marketing Audit

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Get your ducks in a row

A 360 marketing audit offers a comprehensive review of your existing marketing activities.

Covering every channel and all aspects of your marketing, the audit offers an honest review of your website, social media channels & posts, your content, email communications, campaign activities, print materials and more!

Offering up honest, detailed feedback the 360 marketing audit is designed to reveal how well your current marketing is performing, where it can be improved and how via a robust report that details the findings alongside a series of recommendations.

It is an ideal way to review your marketing - with opportunities to access additional services bespoke to your needs.

Marketing Strategy

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Future proof your marketing


Need help with an annual marketing strategy, plan, project rollout, or calendar?

Elite offers a clean and simple approach that will articulate and present your strategy succinctly.

So, if you're struggling with your mission and values, or your objectives and goals - let Elite listen to your brief and take the lead on making recommendations to develop a meaningful strategy that is way more than a document you pull together once a year.

The devil is in the detail.


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Get talked about for the right reasons


Elite provides a full branding service, that includes everything from evaluation, analysis and perception/awareness research, to surveys, focus groups and stakeholder engagement.

Services include research focussed insights, including competitor reviews and customer intelligence to inform and improve your branding.

Your logo is the final piece of the jigsaw that will work hand-in-hand with a user-friendly set of brand guidelines and recommendations.


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Set yourself apart

Elite can help with all forms of content and communications.

From briefing packs, corporate reports and emails to launch information and stakeholder updates/presentations. Content matters and making the complex simple is our forte.

All forms of communication and messaging support is available from the crafting of a single SMS or tweet to your annual report.

Communications crafting is available to support culture change & organisational development, or major organisational restructure/mergers to support employee engagement to deliver clear messages that inform, instruct and engage.

If it needs communicating - Elite can help.

Copywriting & Proofreading

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Words matter

Writing about yourself, your business or your products and services should be easy right? Well, it turns out it's not always so simple....

Professional copywriting adds a little magic to your content.

At Elite we focus on each word we craft for a page or screen. Every sentence adds information and detail to drive understanding, awareness, acceptance and action. Writing copy that is filled with brand personality using clear and captivating wording to resonate with your ideal clients.

Skilled in creating and adopting tone of voice to polish your content - from longform descriptors to micro-copy and taglines to headlines.

Our expert proofreading will manage the tone/style, spelling and grammar, alongside checking for content accuracy, quality and authenticity.

Public Relations

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No such thing as bad publicity, right?

Public Relations is the art of writing, editing and issuing newsworthy content to relevant media outlets in order to achieve coverage for you or your business.

Elite will work with you to understand your objectives, in order to write accurate, relevant and interesting articles to achieve media coverage - press, radio, TV, online and social media.

Tracking and evaluation of your coverage, providing press clippings and reports on just about everything, from Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE) and sentiment value, to opportunities to see (OTS) and click-through.

Elite is a paid up member of JournoLink - Journalists can access our PressRoom here.

Digital & Social Media

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#Tweet more!!!
Really? No, just kidding.

Great social media and digital content is all about quality over quantity.

Elite focuses on strategy, insights, research and timeliness to plan, craft and implement a robust social media plan designed to deploy your contents at the right time, on the right channels to the right audiences.

From the basics - channel and page set-up to administration and understanding social media insights, Elite offers down to earth advice and support to grow your digital community, improve engagements and boost your business.

Further & Higher Education Services

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Inspect your marketing

With almost twenty years education marketing experience, Elite offers a range of marketing & communication services to schools, sixth forms, colleges and HEIs.

As an award-winning education marketer, Elite provides a wealth of education marketing know-how. Working alongside education and student recruitment specialists Elite is able to offer highly targeted services unique to education clients.

From marketing consultancy and advice packages, to strategy and platform reviews education providers can access a wealth of services and sector relevant expertise.

Elite can work alongside marketing, communications, events and digital terms or embed support via Management and Exec Teams or at Corporation/Governor level.

Education packages can be tailored to suit client needs with options to secure long or short-term project support.

To discuss your marketing support needs contact Elite today.

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