Just Say No to Vanilla Marketing

Vanilla Marketing Milkshake

Vanilla is nice, vanilla is fine, vanilla is subtle and safe. Vanilla complements many other ingredients. Vanilla is inoffensive and liked by most people. Vanilla might not be your first choice but it’s acceptable as an option. 

Vanilla is mass marketing, designed to appeal to everyone and no-one at the same time. 

Vanilla marketing may attract some clients but are they the right clients?

Imagine salted caramel marketing, tutti frutti or cookie dough marketing instead – unique, different to other flavours, distinctive, tempting, not for everyone and sometimes hard to find (or not on the menu at all), but also a flavour that people actively crave and seek out. A flavour that demands attention and is a very personal choice.

Instead of being vanilla and catering to the masses consider a niche marketing flavour. Build a loyal community of flavour followers that seek you out intentionally and are keen to repeat their tasty experience.

Give your community what they want and always add your own special sauce. There’s no harm in starting with vanilla and adding a scoop of something tempting… build your own sundae, smoothie or shake and make sure you offer options to suit every palate. Just like ice cream make sure your marketing offers dairy free options, vegan and diabetic alternatives and a whole host of sprinkles, frosting and sweet treats.

Find your own marketing flavour and refine it until it’s the best. It might not be for everyone and that’s okay. Just stop being vanilla and playing it so safe. Hangout with followers that love your flavour and celebrate being unique.

For flavoursome marketing that tantalises taste buds and delivers plenty of special sauce, reach out to hello@elitemarcomm.com to develop your own personalised recipe.

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